Agilarc solutions can range from multi-phased project engagements to a simple email or phone call collaboration that solves a specific issue that is immediately impacting your team.

Recently, we were asked to assist with the development and deployment of a single Power BI dashboard.  This dashboard provides productivity information to both management and workers on the plant floor.  Use of the dashboard enables production teams to quickly and confidently make important product and maintenance decisions with near real-time data.  The speed of data refreshes was critical to success because the dashboard is on display at multiple kiosks placed within the plant.   Maximum up-time and minimum data latency was a requirement. 

Working with our client’s technical staff, we jointly identified a solution that uses the Power BI “embed to SharePoint” publishing option with custom scripting to automatically authenticate the dashboard data sources and kiosk credentials. Automation improves and maintains plant productivity in addition to reducing the dependency of and the demand for the technical support team.

Agilarc is driven to help our customers maximize their return on technological investments and solve business problems at any point in the data lifecycle.   Our people combine deep experience with  extensive knowledge of data and technology in solving a full-range of business problems.    

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Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay