Our Capabilities Include:

Modernizing Data Platforms

Accelerate your database migration to the cloud with a proven database migration plan.

Application Modernization

Transform your legacy business applications to become more agile, mobile, productive, and cost efficient by leveraging cloud technologies.

Cloud Optimization & Management

Assist in Azure Cost Management, optimization,& guarding against unexpected costs.

Readiness Assessment & Roadmapping

A migration assessment aligns business needs with requirements (identity, compute, network, storage),  A roadmap will guide you  through the migration process: Access, Migrate, Optimize.

Proof of Concept & Pilots

Stay ahead of the technology curve by evaluating tools and technologies such as Big Data, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and more by leveraging cloud technologies.

Digital transformation is becoming a vital strategy for data modernization. Business units are looking for opportunities to leverage modern digital technologies to optimize operations, empower employees, transform products and services, and engage customers in new ways. IDC states that by 2021 enterprise apps will shift toward hyper-agile architectures, with 80% of application development on cloud platforms (Paas) using microservices and cloud functions, and over 95% of new microservices deployed in containers.

Agilarc has been at the forefront of building agility into architectures, so much so that we named our company after this concept.