Data Integration

The combination of data from different sources and provision of a united view for consistent business decision-making.

Data Modeling

Association of the entities and relationships of data into cohesive diagrams.

Data Blueprinting

Creation of plans for the inception, testing and maintaining of a data system or store.

Data Quality

Evaluation of data and the related quality statistics and summaries to aid in a determination of fit-for-use.

Data Warehousing

Architecture and development of comprehensive data stores for business decision support.

Metadata Management

Compilation and communication of data entities and relationships governed by data architecture.

To fully exploit the value of information assets, understanding what data is available to the enterprise is a great first step. There are key individuals within your organization with deep knowledge of your data and information. It is equally likely that a holistic view of all information across your enterprise is elusive at best, and non-existent at worst. Here is where Agilarc with Enterprise Data Modeling can help.

Beyond providing an inventory of what data you have, creating an enterprise data model allows for the graphical depiction of business rules among key business entities (customer, product, health care encounter, etc.). Like it or not, the transactional systems that sustain the daily operations of your business enforce business rules. Given most transactional systems are purchased commercial “off-the-shelf” packages (ERP, CRM, etc.), someone outside of your organization defined those business rules.

Discussing, validating and modeling business rules specific to your organization is a key benefit of enterprise data modeling. Evaluating how well your entrenched transactional systems support those business rules is an important side benefit.

Whether you are embarking on a Master Data Management (MDM), a re-architecting of your data warehouse, or launching an enterprise data governance initiative, modeling the information of your enterprise allows for the consistent understanding of organizational data and the business rules associated with key business data entities.

Custom Report Development

Provide full life-cycle support using today’s most popular reporting tools to create a custom solution.

Dashboard Development

Provide quick visibility to company performance. Combine, visualize, and drill into data using a concise and effective one-page layout.

Scorecard Development

Align data to business KPI’s  and strategy. Display results quickly and effectively to identify issues and track remediation efforts.

Performance Optimization

Resolve slow loading and report timeout issues using our proven best-practice approaches to optimize performance and data.

Tool Evaluation & Recommendation

Leverage our expertise to identify the appropriate reporting tool to achieve your reporting goals and maximize current investment.

BI Readiness & Maturity Review

Navigate the rapid changes in business intelligence and determine a customized road-map for success.

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven practice for analyzing data and presenting actionable information which enables informed decisions. Agilarc believes that BI includes people, processes and tools that enable your organization to collect data, properly prepare it for analysis, enable it to be queried, and to create reports, dashboards and data visualizations to deliver information to decision-makers and operational workers alike.

Agilarc knows the responsibility of business intelligence is to enhance all areas of your company by advancing access to your critical data and assisting in the profitable use of that data. We see that companies that engage with BI best practices transform their collected data into understanding which generates strategic business decisions that enhance their productivity, boost their revenues and quicken their growth.

Roadmap Prioritization & Planning

Define, visualize and socialize your data strategy.  Clearly define goals and expectations to executive and functional leaders.

Master Data Program Development

Improve the consistency and quality of your key data assets in domains such as product, customer, geography, etc.

Key Performance Indicators & Metrics

Discover and define the measurable values that will track the effectiveness of your business and ability to meet objectives.

Data Governance Program Development

Develop practices and procedures ensuring formal management of data assets.

Strategic Assessments

Provide a single source of truth through the examination and remediation of data issues.

A strategy defines a “set of choices and decisions that together, chart a high-level course of action to achieve high-level goals.”  Agilarc applies this definition of strategy to data.  We believe firmly in the use of data for competitive advantage and to support enterprise goals.

Agilarc has senior team members that have both educational and practical backgrounds in setting data strategy driven by business strategy.  We can help you set a strong vision, build your business case, assist you in applying best practices and guiding principles while setting goals for your managed data assets.  Agilarc is also proficient at setting metrics and measures of success for your data management programs and we can help you form these programs and assist in defining key roles and responsibilities​.

Modernizing Data Platforms

Accelerate your database migration to the cloud with a proven database migration plan.

Application Modernization

Transform your legacy business applications to become more agile, mobile, productive, and cost efficient by leveraging cloud technologies.

Cloud Optimization & Management

Assist in Azure Cost Management, optimization,& guarding against unexpected costs.

Readiness Assessment & Roadmapping

A migration assessment aligns business needs with requirements (identity, compute, network, storage),  A roadmap will guide you  through the migration process: Access, Migrate, Optimize.

Proof of Concept & Pilots

Stay ahead of the technology curve by evaluating tools and technologies such as Big Data, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and more by leveraging cloud technologies.

Digital transformation is becoming a vital strategy for data modernization. Business units are looking for opportunities to leverage modern digital technologies to optimize operations, empower employees, transform products and services, and engage customers in new ways. IDC states that by 2021 enterprise apps will shift toward hyper-agile architectures, with 80% of application development on cloud platforms (Paas) using microservices and cloud functions, and over 95% of new microservices deployed in containers.

Agilarc has been at the forefront of building agility into architectures, so much so that we named our company after this concept.

Agile Coaching

Customizable training sessions on Agile tactics, culture, mindset, and enterprise scalability.

Enterprise Workflow Optimization

Visualize your intake process from conception to completion to provide transparency and accountability at all levels.

Tactical Resources

Our team can help staff your projects and provide best-practice leadership in the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Kanban administrator roles.

Culture is one of the most important aspects of a well-run business.  How to cultivate and maintain a winning culture should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind within a great organization.  Agilarc focuses first on helping clients understand the values, beliefs, and principles of its workforce.  We believe that aligning tactics with the prevailing organizational mindset is the key to success.

For organizations that trend toward the Agile philosophy, we provide a full menu of training offerings on Agile tactics such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Startup.  Our services are customizable from half day overview sessions to immersive, multi-day workshops.  Learning the nuts and bolts of proven Agile tactics will help you manifest your corporate mindset into real-world productivity while empowering your teams to reach their full potential.

Once the mindset is understood and tactics become second nature, organizational Agile maturity becomes the focus.  Scaling your process, becoming Agile at the procurement level, and implementing an Enterprise Intake program help to create an environment for success.

Power BI Training

Schedule a single or mutli-day interactive workshop covering the basics to advanced concepts of PowerBI.

Agile Training

Enterprise Prioritization Training

Prioritize and streamline project and team efficiency by focusing on only valuable work.

Time and again, it has been shown that an organization will thrive when it empowers it’s most valuable resource: its people.  In the ever-evolving arenas of project delivery, data governance and modeling, or business intelligence, investing in educating and training staff provides a long term, strategic advantage.

Agilarc is ready to help with both on-site and on-line training sessions – whether you are new to master data management, business intelligence, and agile project management methodologies, or are looking to refresh your staff’s knowledge.

Each classroom experience will include a dedicated virtual machine per student to allow for hands-on experimentation with the subject matter in the form of live labs and Q&A sessions.