Veteran Owned Small Business

Agliarc is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) as certified by United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Find our profile on the Vendor Information Pages.

Our Vision

We believe in a future where every organization values data as a critical asset and leverages it to its full potential with true agility.

Our Mission

To maximize customer return on technological investments and solve business problems at any point in the data lifecycle.

Our Culture

Agilarc is a company that believes in its mission and values. Core to those values is a laser focus on our culture. Agilarc provides the environment to learn – and expects a certain degree of failure that often comes with pushing the boundaries. Given our belief in an agile mindset, we are flexible – we bend. We also have fun. We work in the fields of our passions that we enjoy and believe it shows in our work product.

Our Values


Change is imminent… Don’t fight it. Handle prioritization and changes gracefully, commit to a team mentality, inspect & adapt constantly and promote a release often mentality.


We believe people will do more for others than they’ll do for themselves. We cultivate this by maintaining a strong family focus.


We understand and appreciate the impact each of us has had on creating positive change. We celebrate the efforts and achievements of others no matter how great or small.


Every day, we challenge the status quo, pushing for revolutionary solutions with the right balance between technology and unity.


A prosperous partnership is built on trust and integrity. We remain steadfast in our commitment to always do the right thing, the right way.


The key to success is not just technical mastery but also the ability to work with clients in such a way as to earn their trust and gain their confidence.